Gouachefarben Profi-Gouache 500ml

Gouache Paints Profi-Gouache

Gouache paints are water-dilutable and once dry, water-soluble. Gouache paints are typically diluted with water and applied in thin layers on paper or cardboard to achieve a range of effects. Gouache are fast-drying paints and once dry, have a matte finish. 

Profi-Gouache, our house-brand, only available at Lachenmeier Farben, manufactured in Bern, Switzerland.

Gouache paint brushes can be rinsed and cleaned with water. Gouache paints are solvent free and almost odorless. It's the ideal paint for a range of users, such as artists, students, children, and hobby painting. Profi-Gouache can be combined with Profi-Acrylic. 

Tempera/watercolor: water-dilutable tempera paints stay water soluble even after drying. Beautiful, vibrant colors, can be applied opaque or transparent. Typically applied in thin layers on paper, cardboard, wood. Only water-resistant after treating with Profi-Fix fixative.

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Profi Gouache Lachenmeier Farben

Fl 500ml LaxKn EAN 56141000500 Profi gouache 141 primary yellow artist ....c..
Fl 500ml LaxKn EAN 56161000500 Profi gouache 161 sun yellow artist deco ....c..
Fl 500ml LaxKn EAN 56261000500 Profi gouache 261 Orange artist decorati ....c..
Fl 500ml Lax/Kn EAN 56266000500 Profi gouache 266 skin color artist deco ......
Fl 500ml LaxKn EAN 56364000500 Profi gouache 364 fire red artist decora ....c..
Fl 500ml LaxKn EAN 56441000500 Profi gouache 441 magenta artist decorat ....c..
Fl 500ml LaxKn EAN 56461000500 Profi gouache 461 violet artist decorati ....c..
Fl 500ml LaxKn EAN 56531000500 Profi gouache 531 sky blue artist decora ....c..
Fl 500ml LaxKn EAN 56551000500 Profi gouache 552 ultramarine blue artis ....c..
Fl 500ml LaxKn EAN 56671000500 Profi gouache 671 green artist decorativ ....c..
Fl 500ml LaxKn EAN 56841000500 Profi gouache 841 light ocher artist dec ....c..