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Linoleum printing    Artikel für Linoldruck

Linoleum printing is a form of fine art printing, primarily used for artistic projects and schools. In linoleum printing, the printing plate is cut into linoleum. Simply said, everything that is not supposed to be printed needs to be cut out from the plate. The linoleum printing paint is then applied with a roller on the surface that has not been cut out. This technique is also called relief printing, because the paint is only applied to the surface area, but not any recessed areas. Keep in mind that whatever you desire to print needs to be cut out in a mirrored fashion!

Our linoleum printing tools and paints are also suitable for woodblock printing. This technique is similar to classic book printing.

These items are required for linoleum printing: Linoleumplates, Cuttingtools, rollers, Linoleumprintingpaints and safety protection for your hands. Also check out our complete linoleum printing set!


Screen printing stencils consist of an aluminum frame, stretched with a fine-mesh polyester screen that is lined with a film. The stencils contain areas that allow the paint to pass through, and other areas that block the paint for permeating the screen. With the aid of a screen printing squeegee, the paint is pushed through the parts of the screen that are permeable onto the printing surface.

Intaglio printing, etching

intaglio printing is the opposite of relief printing. in this printing technique, the paint is below the surface and printing happens from the recessed areas of the printing plate. In intaglio printing, the paint is applied to the plate, and then wiped off the smooth surface, so it remains only in the recessed areas of the printing plate. 
The design is cut, etched, or scratched into the printing surface, which usually consists of copper, zinc, aluminum, magnesium, plastics, etc. This printing technique requires considerably more pressure than screen printing. 

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