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4CR Auto Carrosserie Shop

Car paint primer + filler 4C
Car paint clear coat 4CR 2K  car paint hardener 2K 4C
Car body abrasives  NonWoven abrasives Rolls 4CR

Carrosserie Abdeckmaterial  Carrosserie Kleben + Dichten

Carrosserie Lackierzubehör

Car body putty

Lackierer Arbeitschutz

Farécla Polish

Do 1,6kg 6.2350.1600 EAN 4CR 2350 Multi Soft Putty ....c..
Do 800gr 6.2350.0800 EAN 4CR 2350 Multi Soft Putty ....c..
Ka 1,4kg 6.2350.1400 EAN 4CR 2350 Multi Soft Putty Carto..
Tu 250gr 6.2625.0250 EAN 4CR 2625 Putty NC Nitro Tube ....
St 6.2690.0100 EAN 4CR 2690 Putty Board ....continue..
St 6.2711.0120 EAN 4CR 2711 Plastic Spreader ....continu..
Tu 25g 6.2900.0025 EAN 4CR 2900 BPO Hardener tube red ....
Tu 50g 6.2900.0050 EAN 4CR 2900 BPO Hardener tube red ....
Fl 50ml 6.2920.0050 EAN 4CR 2920 CHP Hardener bottle ..