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4CR Auto Carrosserie Shop

Car paint primer + filler 4C
Car paint clear coat 4CR 2K  car paint hardener 2K 4C
Car body abrasives  NonWoven abrasives Rolls 4CR

Carrosserie Abdeckmaterial  Carrosserie Kleben + Dichten

Carrosserie Lackierzubehör

Car body putty

Lackierer Arbeitschutz

Farécla Polish

Ka 24 Ro 7100135761 EAN 3M 101E Masking tape beige 46mm 24 rolls ....continu..
St 6.9200.0001 EAN 4C% 9200 9200 Masking Trolley ....continue..
Ka 1L 6.0505.1000 EAN 4CR 0505 Thinner 2K-Acryl Verdünnung ....continue..
Ka 5L 6.0505.5000 EAN 4CR 0505 Thinner 2K-Acryl Verdünnung ....continue..
Ro 6.1122.1850Einzeln EAN 4cr 1122 Abdeckband ECO 80°C 18mm 50m Ei ....conti..
Ro 6.1122.2850Einzeln EAN 4cr 1122 Abdeckband ECO 80°C 24mm 50m Ei ....conti..