Auto body repair + painting

Car Body paint all colors for all brands: Lachenmeier Farben Basel Schweiz

We mix for you all the original car colors, whatever the carmaker and year of the vehicle. We fill automotive paint, whether pearlescent, metallic or solid color, into our own system in spray cans. Car body paint is also available in many cans sizes. Over 20,000 car colors can be mixed, from Ferrari red to racing green. We need the make of the vehicle, the year of manufacture and the color number (not the vehicle registration document). We will be happy to help you find the color code.

We offer this service in our store:

Thomas Lachenmeier & Co
Clarastrasse 46
4058 Basel

Phone. 061 681 00 48,

Clarastrasse 46
4058 Basel
Tel. 061 681 00 48,


3M™ Precut Soft Handpads Rolls, 216U, 50337, P400, 11.4 cm x 25 m
Ro 25m 50337 EAN 3M™ Precut Soft Handpads Rolls, 216U, 50 ....continue..
Autosol Politur Anti Blue
Fl 150ml J210251 EAN Autosol Politur Anti Blue ....continue..