Paints, wall paints and other interior paint or stain applications

Paints, wall paints and other interior paint or stain applications 

Wall paints are matte paints for interior walls and ceilings. At Lachenmeier Farben we carry a large selection of dispersion paints and other interior paints. We have the right solution and product for the application you're looking for. Take a look at our selection of interior paint products, Call us for a free consultation or visit one of our stores in Basel, Zurich or Bern. Interior paints are available in different colors, it doesn't always have to be white. 

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Roller set, brush sets for interior paints

interior wall paints, Auro natural paints

interior wall paints, Ceiling paints

interior wall paints, insulating

dispersion paint white, matt

dispersion paint white, glosss

Wandfarbe, Ausbesserungsfarbe

interior latex paints

Ceiling paints

Wood chip wallpaper, fleece

Putze und Abriebe

magnetic paint

Ke 5L Watertite.5 EAN Zinsser Watertite wasserdichtende Spezia ....continue..
Sd 200ml 391408 EAN 4048500391408 DupliColor Dispersion Ausbesserungsspray ....
Do 500ml 206.9003-2 EAN 7611899052846 206 CREAMIND 2K whiteboard paint
Do 1L 201.MT.1 EAN 7611899040942 Creapad Wandtafelfarbe Pu WB Ral Farbton .....