Gold leaves, bronze, gilding

Gold leaves are manufactured from real gold and beaten into ultra thin gold leaves. It takes a relatively small amount of gold to gild a large surface.

Gold leaves are available in different karats. 24 karat is pure gold, other karats represent 1/24 of the pure gold. 12 karat gold leaves contain 50% pure gold. All versions of gold below 24 karat are alloyed with other metals. For example: 18 karat Lemongold ("Zitrongold") contains 18/24 gold and 6/24 brass, red gold 23 karat contains 23/24 gold and 1/24 copper.

For exterior application of gold leaves, only use leaves that contain 23 karats or higher, because the alloyed metals oxidize and drastically change the color tone.  

Gilding workshops at Lachenmeier Farben


Vergolderkurs in Bern bei Lachenmeier Farben

Echtgold, Blattgold

Echtgold, Goldflöckli

Blattmetall, Blattsilber


Vergolderbedarf, Vergolderwerkzeuge, Anlegeöl, Poliment