Talens Designers Gouache Sets

Gouache Talens Designers Gouache extra fine sets with 5, 8 or 10 tubes. 

Poster paint Talens Gouache Extra Fine Quality, highly pigmented, opaque paint where the subsurface is no longer visible. The opaque property of the paint is obtained through the use of opaque fillers. Poster paint is widely used by graphic designers and illustrators and for educational purposes. Lachenmeier Farben has Talens Designers Gouache in sets and all individual tubes.


Set 08850411 EAN 8712079056186 Talens Gouache Designers Temperafarbe / ....c..
Set 8 08820408 EAN 8712079056131 Talens Gouache Extra Fine Mixing Set C40 .....
Set 08820407 EAN 8712079056124 Talens Gouache Extra Fine Set C405 5 tub ....c..