Da Vinci brushes for artists

You can buy Da Vinci brushes at Lachenmeier Farben in Basel Bern and Zurich or you can order these brushes at lachenmeierfarbenshop.ch.

Da Vinci artist brushes, produced by the Defet brush factory in Nuremberg, Germany, are characterized by their high quality and very good workmanship.

Da Vinci Pinsel Echt Marderhaar mit der feinen Spitze

Da Vinci Pinsel Cosmotop Kunsthaar

Da Vinci Pinsel Casaneo Kunsthaar weich

Da Vinci Pinsel Top Acryl Borstenpinsel Synthetik

Da Vinci Pinsel Nova Synthetikhaare Orange

St VA-1385_5 EAN 4017505049775 Da Vinci 1385 05 Pinsel Vario Tip Fan Fä ....c..
St VA-418_3 EAN 4017505019495 Da Vinci 1418 03 Verwaschpinsel Fehhaar ....con..
St VA-2470_150 EAN 4017505110420 Da Vinci 2470 150mm Pinsel Borstenpinsel .....
St VA-2470_200 EAN 4017505110437 Da Vinci 2470 200mm Pinsel Borstenpinsel .....
St VA-418_2 EAN 4017505019488 Da Vinci 418 02 Wash brush, so-called „F ....co..
St VA-418_-3 EAN 4017505019440 Da Vinci 418 03 Wash brush, so-called „F ....c..
St VA-418_4 EAN 4017505019501 Da Vinci 418 04 Wash brush, so-called „F ....co..
St VA-418_5 EAN 4017505019518 Da Vinci 418 05 Wash brush, so-called „F ....co..
St VA-418_6 EAN 4017505019525 Da Vinci 418 06 Wash brush, so-called „F ....co..
St VA-418_8 EAN 4017505019532 Da Vinci 418 08 Wash brush, so-called „F ....co..
St VA-418_0 EAN 4017505019464 Da Vinci 418 Wash brush, so-called „Fren ....co..
St VA-418_1 EAN 4017505019471 Da Vinci 418 Wash brush, so-called „Fren ....co..