Clairefontaine MixMedia

Clairefontaine MixMedia papers and pads

MixMedia are papers and pads for different techniques, whether dry or wet. Dry techniques are drawings with pencil, pastels, crayons, colored pencils, etc. Wet techniques include watercolor, gouaches, acrylics, etc. MixMedia papers are also suitable for drawings with markers and felt-tip pens.

Clairefontaine Dessin a grain

Clairefontaine Etival Aquarell Watercolour

Clairefontaine Kraft

Clairefontaine Ingres

Clairefontaine Acrylique

Clairefontaine Fontaine

Clairefontaine Calligraphie

Clairefontaine Calque Tracing

Clairefontaine MixMedia