Faber-Castell art and graphic supply available at Lachenmeier Farben Switzerland in our stores in Basel, Bern, Zurich and in our online store. Pencils, colored pencils and pastel pencils.

Faber-Castell is one of Germany's oldest industrial company and the oldest and largest company in the world that manufactures wood-framed pencils and colored pencils. Faber-Castell is known for its high reputation among artists and creative people.

260 Years of Faber-Castell 26%

Famous artists such from Vincent van Gogh to Karl Lagerfeld have acknowledged and appreciated Faber-Castell's excellence and quality for ages. High quality artist-level pigments guarantee non-fade, brilliance and color-intensity for decades. All Faber-Castell products are based on the same color system and allow reliable mixing techniques for water soluble and permanent artist pencils.