Südwest Primers

Südwest primers: Solvent or water-based:

AquaVision® All-Grund: The speed primer. Water-dilutable, extremely quick-drying adhesion promoter for inside and outside. Adheres to metals, hard plastics, wood and many other surfaces. Has a corrosion-inhibiting and isolating effect against many water-soluble wood components.

All-Grund: Solvent-based, versatile primer and adhesion promoter for the primer and intermediate coat on almost all substrates. With active rust protection, high adhesion, fast drying and very good flow.

Do 750ml 30565-006 EAN 4011772728050 SW AquaVision All-Grund Grau Ral 7001 W..
Ke 10L 30565-014 EAN 4011772000002 SW AquaVision All-Grund Weiss 9110 WB Al ...
Do 375ml 30565-002 EAN 4011772728029 SW AquaVision All-Grund Weiss 9110 WB Al..
Do 750ml 30565-004 EAN 4011772728074 SW AquaVision All-Grund Weiss 9110 WB Al..
Der Speed-Primer. Wasserverdünnbarer, extrem schnell trocknender Haftvermittle..