Profi: Lachenmeier house brand: price and performance

Profi Lachenmeier -- our house brand -- price + performance

Profi-art supplies are only available at Lachenmeier Farben in Basel, Bern and Zurich and in our online store. Our Profi brand consists of products exclusively manufactured for Lachenmeier Farben by reputable, high-end manufacturers from around the world that collaborate closely with us. Our Profi brand is designed to generate the best price/performance ratio for our clients.

Profi-Acryl Profi-Acrylic artist paints

Profi-Gouache Profi-Gouache student and artist gouache

Profi-Fix: Profi-Fix Colorless fixative to fixate drawings

Profi-Universal PrimerSprays and brush coating primers

Profi-Block Profi-Sketchbook A3 for aquarelle and drawing