Edding 4600 Textil Marker 1mm

edding textile pen 4600 round tip 1mm Create your own fashion Writing, creating logos, drawing fine patterns and decorations - textile designs are child's play and precise.

Quotations, congratulations or patterns and drawings on light-colored textiles such as T-shirts, pillows, key rings and napkins. Luminous colors for small works of art. Washable up to 60 °C by ironing once (without steam). Bullet tip 1 mm, many different bright colors. The waterproof ink does not run during application, dries quickly and is extremely lightfast.

Set 10 4600-01Set EAN edding 4600 textile marker 01 Black roun ....continue..
St 4600-1 EAN 4004764022885 Edding 4600 01 Textilstift schwarz 1mm ....contin..
St 4600-2 EAN 4004764022922 Edding 4600 02 Textilstift 02 rot 1mm ....continu..
St 4600-3 EAN 4004764023059 Edding 4600 03 Textilstift blau 1mm ....continue..
St 4600-4 EAN 4004764023141 Edding 4600 04 Textilstift grün1mm ....continue..