Fabriano Technico Marker- + Airbrushbloc

Fabriano Tecnico 6: Pad with a smooth surface: recommended for drawing with ink, markers and aerograph / airbrush. Acid-free, erasable. Glued on one side. No penetration of markers, suitable for masking films / mask films for airbrush work. Fabriano Papers at Lachenmeier Farben in Basel, Bern, Zurich and online. Airbrush paper marker paper.


Airbrush paints and tools

St F09805070 EAN 8001348119173 Fabriano Pad Tecnico 6 240gr 50x70cm 20 ....c..
St F09829742 EAN 8001348119128 Fabriano Pad Tecnico 6 240gr A3 29,7x42 ....c..
St F09821297 EAN 8001348119067 Fabriano Pad Tecnico 6 240gr A4 21x29,7 ....c..