Edding 750 Lackmarker Glanz

edding 750 gloss paint marker - for sparkling decorations

The edding 750 gloss paint marker is the number one solution for shimmering, lacquer-like designs and decorations on smoother surfaces such as glass, metal or plastic. With its smoothly gliding 2-4 mm thick round nib you can easily spruce up a glass lamp shade, a glazed ceramic plant pot, a set of lacquered wood bookends, a tin tray... anything you want, really.

You can give a fresh, rejuvenated look to your surroundings thanks to its powerful, resistant colours including amazing glossy metallic tones all in your own style. The ink is very low-odour and once dry is resistant to water, abrasion, light and heat.

St 750-1 CREA EAN 4004764953028 Edding 750 01 S19 Lackmarker schwarz ....cont..
St 780-2 CREA EAN 4004764953639 Edding 750 02 Lackmarker CREA rot ....continu..
St 780-3 CREA EAN 4004764023097 Edding 750 03 Lackmarker CREA blau ....contin..
St 780-4 CREA EAN 4004764023103 Edding 750 04 Lackmarker CREA grün ....contin..
St 750-49 CREA EAN 4004764953172 Edding 750 49 S19 Lackmarker CREA 49 wei .....
St 750-53 CREA EAN 4004764953332 Edding 750 53 S19 Lackmarker CREA gold ....c..
St 750-54 CREA EAN 4004764953363 Edding 750 54 S19 Lackmarker CREA silber .....