Milliput Standard Yellow-Grey 2K Epoxy Putty

Pa 113,4gr Standard EAN 5035167000490 Milliput Standard Yellow-Grey 2K Epoxy ....continue..
Product No.: 31854
CHF 8.90 Standardpreis
CHF 8.00 Lachenmeierfarben Preis


Standard Milliput is our general purpose grade - it has been used for many years for the toughest tasks. Filling dents and scores in metal, plastics or woods - Repairing water and fuel systems - Caulking, filling and sealing on fiberglass, metal and wooden boat decks and hulls - Modelmaking - Jewellery making - Sculpting - Picture frame restoration - Plumbing repairs - Underwater applications - Temporary repairs for car petrol tanks, batteries, radiators and exhausts. Danger! H315 Causes skin irritation H317 May cause an allergic skin reaction H319 Causes serious eye irritation