Car Headlight restoration kit

Product No.: 59774
CHF 179.80 Standardpreis
CHF 159.10 Lachenmeierfarben Preis


Restoration of the matt polycarbonate headlight lenses without removing the headlights. With the right temperature of the polymerization liquid, gloss and full transparency are achieved again. Perfect restoration of the car headlights! The treatment remains for 24 months. Leave the car for 4 hours after the treatment, it must not get wet. The case includes: - 1x heating bowl with 1 transformer (240V / 12V) - 1x plastic nozzle for diffusion of the steam - 1x 600 ml bottle of polymerisation liquid (sufficient for the renovation of approx. 30 spotlights. - 1x sanding block, protective mask for finishing work - 1x adhesive tape for covering